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Why Highpoint?

  • Highpoint is a fully accredited bilingual school that was founded in 1976 by its current Principal/Owner, Alicia A. Casanova. Highpoint is a reputable, established and nationally recognized private, bilingual school offering the highest quality education.
  • Since Highpoint is a private, proprietary school, Parents don’t have to deal with bureaucracies of any kind. There are no FCAT’s to worry about, no long waits to get an answer, to speak to a Teacher or the Principal, or to get a problem or concern resolved.
  • Our Tuition is one of the lowest in Miami and it includes before and after school care from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Children have the opportunity of doing their Homework before going home.
  • Technology.  All classrooms have interactive SMARTBoards and top of the line computers for student access.  We’re also an iPad School!  iPads take learning to a whole new level by engaging students in real world tasks and by encouraging them to think and explore.  With required educational Apps in all subject areas, iPads serve to make our students 21st Century Learners!
  • We’re recognized by Quality Counts as a 4-star “Gold Seal Provider” for our Early Childhood Programs.
  • Highpoint students feel as if they’re part of a “family.” With small class sizes and a small total school enrollment, our students are taught and nurtured individually, always taking into consideration their uniqueness and personal situations.
  • Students are taught based on their abilities. Our Teachers can modify the Curriculum to stimulate both our Gifted students as well as our slower achievers. Our teachers are expected to tailor their teaching to each student, not to a class average.
  • The health and safety of our students is a priority. Students are not dismissed with a bell. They cannot leave the school premises at any time without an authorized adult.

  • Highpoint Teachers are hand-picked not only for their credentials and experience, but for their love of teaching. They are given the flexibility to teach beyond what is written in books or what is mandated by a published Curriculum. They’re all encouraged to use their knowledge, experience and skills to be creative and to teach children with high expectations.
  • Parent/Teacher communication is strongly encouraged.  Our Highpoint Families website serves to provide Parents and Students with important information at all times.  Our Faculty and Administration are always available to answer any questions or concerns a Parent may have.

  • Individualized Attention.  At Highpoint, each child’s individual learning styles and character strengths are encouraged and      rewarded.  We provide positive reinforcement in a safe environment where all students can explore ideas and feelings. As we nurture our students, we offer them the guidance that ensures they will not get lost in the process of this exploration. We’re proud to consider ourselves an extension of each of our Highpoint families!
  • Our goal.  Our goal is for our students to appreciate their uniqueness, to be high level thinkers and 21st Century Learners, to be fully bilingual,    to prosper socially, to learn how to think and take responsibility for     their actions, to be leaders, to be honest, ethical and responsible, to respect the rights of others, to know the difference between right   and wrong in an intuitive manner, and to develop to their fullest   intellectual potential.

  • Coral Way Campus.  Our beautiful Coral Way Campus, located less than 3 miles from Main Campus, is dedicated to educating and nurturing students with Learning Differences, including SLD, ADHD, high-functioning Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

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