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Highpoint's Pre-School Program has been recognized as a "GOLD SEAL" PROVIDER. After extensive assessments, reviews and visits, in 2010 we received FOUR STAR recognition from "QUALITY COUNTS" of The Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe.


Our Curriculum Approach
Highpoint Academy focuses on addressing each child's individual needs, strengths, learning styles and areas of intelligence. 
For young children, meaningful and long-lasting learning requires active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work. This is best accomplished through purposeful play facilitated by highly intentional teaching practices.  We use The Creative Curriculum as our base since its approaches to curriculum are based on an understanding of the complex social/emotional, physical, and cognitive development of young children and the way children learn. A comprehensive curriculum provides guidance on the many factors that lead to a high-quality program and presents all aspects of teaching young children effectively. This thorough guidance contrasts with approaches that give teachers a rigid script to follow. We understand this complexity--you won't find cookie-cutter shortcuts or 365 daily lesson plans in our materials.

Our comprehensive, research-validated, integrated curricula provide everything programs need to achieve positive, consistent outcomes for children. They address teachers' need to know what to teach and why, and how children learn best. Teachers respond to the individual needs and learning styles of all of their children. Built from the ground up to be inclusive, The Creative Curriculum is widely used in special education and inclusive classrooms nationwide.

Our curriculum is based on a foundation of more than 75 years of scientific research about child development and learning theory that leads to specific instructional strategies based on how young children learn best. The Creative Curriculum takes what has been learned from theorists such as Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, and Howard Gardner, as well as recent research studies about language, literacy, and math development and clearly and simply explains how to apply this information in a classroom. We help teachers:

  • Meet children's social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development needs
  • Become good observers of children
  • Assess children's needs, interests, and abilities in order to plan appropriately
  • Use a wide range of teaching strategies that call for different levels of teacher involvement
  • Create classroom communities where children learn to work together and solve problems
  • Establish the structure that has to be in place for teachers to teach and children to learn
  • Plan meaningful learning experiences for children that build on children's interests and knowledge
  • Integrate the learning of appropriate skills, concepts, and knowledge in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology

Each Class has a different Daily Schedule and these are posted on our school's website.  The Creative Curriculum includes time for Large and Small Group Activities, Story Time, Planning Changes to the Environment, Outdoor Play times, free choice times within each Interest Area of the classroom environment, as well as lunch, snack, restroom
times and rest periods.

Understanding that the physical environment within each classroom has a profound effect on individual children, the class as a group and the teacher, our classrooms are designed dividing the spaces into "Interest Areas"  which are safe, attractive and comfortable for children to engage in the numerous activities we offer. All age-appropriate materials have a designated place and everything is identified with clear bilingual labels with text as well as a picture.  The Creative Curriculum gives teachers specific guidelines to design their classroom environments utilizing the following Interest Areas:

1. Blocks

2. Dramatic Play & Cooking

3. Toys and Games

4. Art

5. Library

6. Discovery

7. Sand and Water (outdoors)

8. Music and Movement

9. Computers

Our effective early literacy program for pre-kindergarten children contains age- appropriate instructional procedures and activities to support growth in the following areas:

1. Oral Language- vocabulary development, expressive language, and listening comprehension.

2. Phonological Awareness – awareness of words in sentences, awareness of syllables in words, rhyming, blending, segmenting.

3. Print Knowledge – knowledge of the alphabet, knowledge of letters and their shapes, letter names and sounds.

Our comprehensive curriculum attends to all of the developmental domains of early childhood; (social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic, and physical.)  The curriculum is designed to support growth of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for early literacy attainments.


Highpoint Academy is an approved provider of the State’s Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program, offering scholarships for children in Pre-K that turn four years old prior to September 1st.

 To find out more information about this program, including application procedures, please visit:




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