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School Philosophy and Code of Ethics

    We believe that each child is unique and therefore, teachers must focus on stimulating and encouraging each child's' strengths as much as possible. Teachers are instructed to identify and recognize each of their student's "Learning Styles" early in the school year.  Teachers then use motivational teaching methods in order to address each students learning preference.  Using Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory as a basis, teachers are also encouraged to focus on identifying each students' smart parts so that each child's strengths are stimulated.  Our teachers are expected to tailor their teaching to each student, not to a class average.  When a child succeeds, there is a personal recognition that reinforces that "winning" feeling.

    Conscious of the characteristics pertaining to the origin, language and culture of the majority of our students, our bilingual faculty makes it easier for Hispanic children to assimilate into the American culture. In addition, we cater to the Hispanic families by maintaining their many customs and cultural values. Spanish is a required subject in the Elementary and Middle School grades. We enable our students to become fully bilingual and to learn about their heritage through numerous activities and events. At Highpoint, we also provide a challenging curriculum with flexibility to meet the needs of each student and an enriching program that encourages critical thinking, scientific exploration, physical fitness, hands-on learning and good citizenship.

    Since we believe that a person's "character" is essential for success, we have designed a "Character Education" program which is integrated with our Social Studies Curriculum. Here, teachers and students thoroughly cover two different "core values" each month. These include: trustworthiness & responsibility; citizenship & democracy; caring & kindness, courage & pursuit of excellence; respect & self-control; honesty & integrity; courtesy & manners; and fairness & cooperation. In addition, teachers continuously stress the importance of ethics, proper etiquette and morals throughout each core subject.

    Highpoint provides a safe family environment in which all our students can explore ideas and feelings. We offer the guidance that ensures our children will not get lost in the process of this exploration. We consider our school to be an extension of the family.

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